Move Out Cleaning Checklist

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  • Cupboards, drawers cleaned inside and out.

  • Refrigerator wiped out, defrosted, door seal cleaned, shelves taken out, drawers out and cleaned.

  • Clean freezer.

  • Move refrigerator, clean sides, clean floor under and behind.

  • Oven and stovetop cleaned out thoroughly.

  • Clean door, stovetop, under burners and burners.

  • Try to save pans, rings and broiler pan-throw away if not salvageable.

  • Clean range hood.

  • Move stove, clean sides, clean floor under and behind.

  • Wipe out dishwasher.

  • Clean countertops.

  • Clean and shine sink, detail disposal.

  • Clean floor and wax.

  • Clean light fixtures and exhaust filter, then reinstall.


  • Shower walls scrubbed.

  • Bathtub scrubbed and cleaned throughly.

  • Faucets and showered shined.

  • Toilet cleaned inside and out.

  • Cabinets cleaned inside and out.

  • Sink and counter cleaned.

  • Floor cleaned and waxed.

  • Light fixture cleaned.

  • Exhaust fan cleaned.

  • Heat lamp wiped off.

Cleaning in all rooms

  • Permanent light fixtures.

  • Thermostat covers.

  • Heat vents.

  • Closet shelves.

  • Shelf brackets.

  • Top of water heater.

  • Switch plate covers.

  • Carpet professionally cleaned per lease agreement (Sec. 6, paragraph b)


  • Tile cleaned and waxed

  • Ashes scooped out.

  • Front and grate wiped down.

Door (including closet doors)

  • Cleaned.

  • Cleaned tracks.

Decks and Patios

  • Remove all items from storage area and clean sambaed move-in condition.

  • Clean decks and patios.

    Sweep entryway.

Lawn and Garden Care

  • Lawn to be maintained in “original” move-in condition, watered, mowed and trimmed.

  • Gardens to be cleaned and weed free.

Windows and Mirrors

  • Tracks wiped out.

  • Windows cleaned outside as well as inside.

  • Mirrors cleaned.

  • Medicine cabinet mirrors cleaned.

Utility Area

  • Washer wiped out and hinges cleaned.

  • Dryer wiped out and all lint removed.

  • Floors cleaned and waxed.